The first company to adopt the world's advanced green alloy technology

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The first company to adopt the world's advanced green alloy technology

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Mintal adopts the world leading green technology in chromite pelletizing and ferrochrome production, and is featured with ultra-large equipment, intelligent management and clean process. Our production cost and environment impact is largely reduced due to the lower unit energy consumption, and the off-gas emission is far below the industry standard.Since 2011, Mintal has started the construction of 1,000kt ferrochrome project. By now, two projects with a total capacity of 1,400 ktpa chrome pellet sintering and 650ktpa ferrochrome smelting have been put into operation. And a 700ktpa chrome pellet sintering plant and 350ktpa ferrochrome smelting plant project is expected to be finished by the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. After the completion of the whole project, Mintal’s annual ferrochrome output will be ranked. “Man and nature coexisting harmoniously, technologically advanced, recycling economy, green development” as our core idea, Mintal insists on sustainable development and devote to an environment-friendly way of resources consumption. The ultra-large smelting equipment complies with “China advanced manufacturing 2025 strategy” and Industry 4.0 international standard. China’s admittance criterion to metallurgical industry is that the capacity of electric furnace must be bigger than 12500KVA, while the capacity of Mintal furnace is 75000KVA. Also whole production equipment set is intelligentized with DCS, MES, DSS and NC systems. DCS, the process control system, is based on the theory of intelligent control and by means of computer technology and network, to realize automatic production process control and to optimize production system information management. The database of MES (used for production scheduling) is connected to PSC, so that the production management is optimized through online measurement and quality monitoring. DSS, short for Decision Support System, helps to make decisions in a human-computer interaction way. NC is adopted for business administration, which includes ERP (financial and material management) system, HR (human resource management) system, and SCM (supply and customer management) system. With such efficient management systems, Mintal’s labor productivity is 10 times of productivity compared to traditional production method, with the per capita output value exceeding 10 million RMB.The closed smelting furnace technology employed by Mintal is able to conserve more resources and have less impact to environment. Compared to conventional smelting technology, coke consumption is 10% lower (50kt per year), energy consumption 20% lower (950 million KWH), and water consumption 80% lower (9,500k m3); meanwhile the particulate emission is 90% less (651t), and sulfur emission 94% lower (673t).
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